What is a Bitcoin?

Just this afternoon, I received an email from a website I use to purchase online assistant services stating that it now accepts Bitcoins as valid payment. Bitcoins have gotten a lot of (mostly bad) press lately. I first heard of it from a scandalous Time magazine article that exposed the Bitcoin’s role in illegal activities. […]

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2013 Fiscal Cliff, Taxmageddon, and a Game of Kick the Can

2013 Fiscal Cliff. Taxmageddon. Kicking the Budgetary Can Down the Road. Bipartisan Ineffectiveness. Whatever you want to call it, you’d have to living under a rock to have not heard about the big fiscal changes coming our way at the end of 2012. Most commonly dubbed a “Fiscal Cliff,” it’s a compilation of many changes that […]

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Tax Issue for Thought: Should Everyone Pay Some Federal Income Taxes?

As someone interested in the future of the United States (who just happens to be a tax professional), I find it particularly interesting to listen to tax-related news commentary and examine related tax statistics. Because this is an election year, obviously many more people are tuned into tax issues. Here’s a particularly interesting video clip […]

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Paper Social Security Checks Going Away – Electronic Deposit Required by March 2013

The United States government is on a mission to reduce costs.  Next on the chopping block: paper checks for Social Security and other federal benefit payments. Effective March 1, 2013, anyone who receives federal benefit payments will be required to receive their payments electronically, either through direct deposit to a bank account or loaded onto […]

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See Obama’s New Jobs Stimulus Plan Document – The Actual American Jobs Bill of 2011

Are you looking for the text of the American Jobs  Act of 2011?  It’s easy to find news commentary on the subject, but it’s not so easy to track down the actual text.  Following are two ways to access the actual jobs bill for review. . Actual Text of Obama’s 2011 Jobs Plan – The American Jobs […]

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Obama’s New Tax & Jobs Stimulus Plan – The American Jobs Act of 2011

In mid-September, President Obama unveiled an aggressive jobs plan to the nation.  Titled the “American Jobs Act of 2011,” this bill contains provisions that tackle unemployment woes to infrastructure investments. What’s in Obama’s New Jobs Plan? Obama’s new jobs plan addresses these major areas, among others: Extending unemployment Closing tax loopholes Cutting payroll taxes for […]

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