What is Taxes and Stuff?

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Taxes and Stuff is a place where you can find down-to-earth commentary on complex subjects like taxes and new federal legislation.

I created Taxes and Stuff because I like sharing with others lessons I’ve picked up over the years through professional and personal experience (oftentimes the hard way). For years, I wrote about personal budgeting and finances for an online magazine, but I wanted something to call my own; hence, Taxes and Stuff was born in early 2011.

I hope Taxes and Stuff will eventually become a one-stop-shop for all things tax-related. As the site’s name suggests, though, any topic is fair game.

I’ll try to keep the blog interesting, but I must warn you that most of it will be boring tax talk.  More than anything, Taxes and Stuff is about empowering the average American to make informed decisions. For instance, when a new tax law is passed, I will translate it into real people words so you can know exactly what changes to expect in the coming months and years.  There’s not a lot of this type of translation available online, and I want to change that.  I like to back up my analysis with thorough research & even links to the original source documents (in case you want to review the actual legislation yourself).  I don’t anyone to take my word for anything – I want everyone to have a chance to review the original documentation and join in on a meaningful conversation.

Very Important: While I am a tax accountant, I am NOT YOUR tax accountant.  In fact, please read my disclaimer to this effect.  :)


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