What Tax Rate is Fair? A Monday Questionnaire

by Lena

Earlier this month, I posed a question to readers – Should Everyone Pay Some Federal Income Taxes?  This post received the most comments of any post to date, so I think I’m on to something here.

With the 2012 election looming right around the corner, tax issues are at the forefront.  Every debate mentions the dreaded T word.

Can you imagine what they talked about during the Taft / Bryan race?  Did they have newspaper “debates” in 1908?  Good question! $16 trillion goes to the first person who can answer that question!!

As a follow-up to my “more taxes” post, I would like to take an informal poll.  It’s only 4 questions and should take you only a minute or two to complete.

No particular reason why I’m putting this out there.  I’m just curious to know how much tax everyone thinks they should personally pay.  The survey consists of one real question, a space to explain your answer, and two biographical questions to help me put the results in perspective.

If you take this questionnaire, keep in mind that it’s asking for you to forget about what other people pay in taxes.  This is all about what you think you should pay based on your personal income.

Link to questionnaire: What Tax Rate is Fair?

Feel free to also weigh in below with a comment.  Let’s keep the dialogue going!

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